This is what a revolution looks like

This just in from our friends in Lewes, Sussex:

Dear Fellow International Supporters of Bernie Sanders:

Last night, in our little town of Lewes on the South Coast of England (pop. 16,000), some expats and some Brits joined the Bernie Light Brigade International! We took our light sign out to support the person who we know will create the change the world needs to see. What is so exceptional about these particular photos, is that Lewes is the home of one of the most famous revolutionaries of our time, Thomas Paine. The pictures are taken (by the talented John Warburton) in front of Paine’s one time home and the pub names in homage to him.
As we stood outside, many applauded and cheered us raising their voices for Bernie and for change.
We are in no doubt that what happens in the next few months can create the much needed change in this world. We are in no doubt whatsoever that this political revolution is a GLOBAL one.
We have just begun to fight. And the Bern is EVERYWHERE!
We will get these photos out as far and wide as we can.
In solidarity,
Victoria Cadogan-Rawlinson and dozens of other Bernie Supporters in Lewes, England.
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