Statement of the Sanders supporters at the Democrats Abroad convention in Berlin

The Democrats Abroad Global Convention in Berlin opened today with the Clinton campaign making an attempt to snatch a delegate away from Bernie Sanders.

In March’s Global Presidential Primary, Sanders won nearly 70% of the votes. Following this, the leadership of Democrats Abroad allocated 9 delegates to Sanders and 4 to Clinton, following the rules of proportional representation as in all other state primaries.

In Berlin, the Democrats Abroad Electors will choose delegates to fill those positions.

But at the last minute, the Clinton campaign filed a challenge, asserting that it deserved 5 delegates. Their argument is convoluted: they assert that the decision of the Democrats Abroad leadership to treat the delegation as a single block, and allocating delegates accordingly, led to an unfair result in the final, global part of the selection process. We do not believe this to be the case.

The Rules Committee of Democrats Abroad is considering their challenge. At their meeting this morning, Sanders’ campaign representative Eric Lee urged them to dismiss the Clinton challenge which would disenfranchise thousands of voters.

Larry Sanders, the candidate’s older brother, is participating in the three-day event. He pointed out that the Clinton campaign has been saying that the primary is over, yet in its decision to fight over a single delegate — to which it is not entitled — it shows that Sanders is very much still in the race.

While we await results of the Rules Committee decision, Sanders supporters at the Berlin meeting say they will not accept anything less than the 9 delegates allocated. They will consider next steps if the ruling is in Clinton’s favor.