Phonebanking – How To

1) Go to the campaign’s phonebanking site and choose which state you want to phonebank with:

2) Request the daily login details:

3) Watch the training video ( and/or read the step-by-step guide ( to phone banking with the dialer.

3) Download a script for the state you are calling.

4) When you’re ready to call voters, log in to the dialer:

5) The dialer tool will open a pop-up window, and give you a number to call into and an identification code.

6) Open Google Hangouts (, and use the ‘call Phone’ option to call the US number from the dialer. You can also use Google Hangouts on your smartphone. Google Hangouts can call any US number for free.

7) Once you are connected, enter your identification code.

8) In the dialer, switch your status to “Ready” and start talking to voters!

More details about international phonebanking: