Help Bernie from Abroad

There are a lot of ways you can help Bernie from abroad. First, please register with our International Supporters of Bernie Sanders email list. Here are some ideas:

Volunteer Where You Live — Check Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Meetup, and Twitter for groups in your area, or start your own. We have some form letters and fliers that we’re happy to share with anyone who wants to help get the word out about Bernie and the Democrats Abroad Global Primary. There’s a lot of good information about self-organising on the Bernie Sanders Volunteer Organizing Toolkit, too!

Vote in Democrats Abroad — Voting in Democrats Abroad is by far the most effective way for your voice to be heard. Check out our Democrats Abroad FAQ — it applies to any voters outside the USA.

Vote Absentee in Your Home State — Don’t forget to vote in other races for Sanders Democrats, and make sure you are ready to vote in the General Election in November. It’s best for you to re-register every voting year. You can get the right paperwork, and join Democrats Abroad at the same time through VoteFromAbroad. Check out our Voting from Abroad FAQ for more details.

Donate to the Campaign — You can donate directly to the campaign from abroad. Just put your state as ‘AA’ and list your country in the check-out process on Bernie Sanders Official Campaign Site (click on ‘Contribute’).

Phone Banking — You can also join the online Phone Bank to call people in key states. Signing up with the phonebank application is really easy, and you can call any number in the USA free with Google Hangouts (on your PC, or on your Android or iPhone).

Face Banking — Face Banking through the Bernie Friend Finder connects you with friends of friends on Facebook who also support Bernie. You can send them a message to remember to register, and vote. You can have an impact in a matter of minutes!