Canvassing – How To

Canvassing is easy! All you have to do is go out in public, meet, and talk to people.

Your goal when canvassing is to sign Bernie supporters up to vote in the Democrats Abroad Global Primary. The easiest way to do this is to have them fill out a paper joining form (there is a scan of it here: Make sure they complete both their abroad address and US voting address, and SIGN AND DATE the form. You’re probably going to have to explain what it is, as well. You can say something like:

Democrats Abroad holds its own Primary, which allows overseas voters to cast a ballot to send 13 pledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention (which is how we nominate the Democratic candidate for President). This makes Democrats Abroad similar in size to Alaska (16 delegates), Vermont (16 delegates), and Wyoming (14 delegates). Because so few people vote in the Global Primary, individual votes are much more powerful — 28,000 people voted in the Global Primary in 2008, compared to 154,000 in Vermont.

Most people will see the logic in it, and it’s important that you tell them that they can only vote either in the Global Primary or the Presidential Primary/Caucus in their home state. They can vote in all other races as normal, and signing up to Democrats Abroad doesn’t change their voter registration in any way. Once they are registered, they can vote in person at a Voting Centre (cities are listed here: or use the Remote Ballot (download it here: to vote by post/fax/email.

Completed forms need to be returned to Democrats Abroad — usually to the local membership officer. You should also make sure that people are added to the London for Bernie ( and/or the International Supporters of Bernie Sanders ( email list. If you return scans of the forms to London for Bernie, we will ensure they get to the correct office.