After Wisconsin, can Bernie still win?

Bernie Sanders’ victory in the Wisconsin Democratic primary this week is being spun by the mainstream media as “too little, too late.” The consensus among pundits is that Hillary Clinton’s delegate lead is so huge that there is simply no way for the democratic-socialist senator from Vermont to catch up.

That has been the case for every single one of Sanders’s recent victories, starting with his wins in Idaho and Utah on March 22. Those two victories, in two small states, went barely noticed even if they were shocking in their scale.

In Idaho, Sanders took 78 per cent of the vote and in Utah he won over 79 per cent. His supporters reacted by donating a staggering amount of money online, making it the third month in a row that Sanders has out-raised Clinton. But the consensus among experts was that he didn’t have a chance.

Read the rest of this Morning Star article by London for Bernie’s Eric Lee here.

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